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Welcome to the website of the Museum of Slavic mythology!

 The first Museum of Slavic mythology has been existed in Tomsk since 2007. It was created by Gennadii Mikhailovich Pavlov, who graduated from Tomsk State University and has become a successful businessman. The Museum is located in a three-storey building behind Voskresenskaya hill. Today it is a historical part of the city and the center of Slavic culture in Tomsk.

 The Museum is unique and doesn’t have any counterparts in the world. It’s collection consists of paintings by modern Russian artists, and these paintings are connected by a common subject – the mythology of our ancestors, the ancient Slavs and their heroic past, Russian fairy tales and customs. The talented artists of these paintings, no matter how different they are in style, are united in their desire to recreate this legendary world of the ancient Slavs, to make it visible for other people through art. It really feels as if the Gods and heroes of ancient Slavic culture are looking at you from the paintings.  
The first Museum of  Slavic mythology aims to discover, research, collect and popularize works of art created by talented artists of Russia.  (Collection).

The Museum has a free audio guide in English. You can download it from the website beforehand  or listen it online.

The most interesting way to discover The Museum is undoubtedly with a guided tour in English or Russian.

Detailed information regarding museum guided tours and museum excursions, including special options for tour operators, can be found by phone +7(3822) 210-333. You can also use online chat on our website (see right).  Viber and Whatsapp +79138669996


The souvenir shop

The souvenir shop of the First museum of Slavic mythology has been existed since 2007.  During this time a collection of our shop enriched with plenty of the rarest things which you can’t see or buy anywhere else in Tomsk. The museum staff sacredly keep the main concept of the souvenir shop – only traditional Russian products of national crafts directly from its producers are sold. There are no accidental goods. In the souvenir shop excursions are organized, foreigners admire the place and Russians are proud of their culture. Nowhere else in Tomsk you can buy a wedding gift with a strong sense and century traditions, get advice on Slavic charms, find more than  50 types of Russian nesting dolls (matryoshka) and choose exclusive gifts of museum status for business partners…

Please, have a look at the part of goods, which you can buy or order at the souvenir shop. And welcome to the First museum of Slavic mythology! Matryoshka, Khokhloma,  Gzhel,  Wooden dishes,  Ceramic dishes, Zhostovo trays,  Russian clothing, Wooden toys, Ceramic toys, whistles, Scarves from Pavlovsky Posad , Samovars, Jewelry, Slavic amulets, Decorated weapons, Knives (certified), Tomsk Souvenirs, Magnets, postcards,Protecting dolls. Catalog

 Fill your life with a miracle! In the Museum You can create your own artwork inspired by Russian handicraft traditions! Come, create and learn more about the history and culture of Russia! The museums workshop is open for children and adults of all levels of experience.
There’s plenty of workshops for the creatively inclined — matryoshka painting, making traditional rag-dolls, felting valenki (national Russian shoes) — we hope everyone will be able to find something that will fuel their inner creativity and help them take a step closer to Russian culture.

You will get all creative materials in the classroom. The average duration 50-90 minutes.
Every Saturday and Sunday the Museum hosts regular workshops. Schedule and price you can see in our website (Timetable)
, or call us.
Daily conduct group and individual workshops by appointment, more info on phone: +7 (3822) 210-333.


Посмотреть на карте Томска

Our museum is only 7 minutes away from Lenina prospect near the Stone Bridge Voskresenskaya Hill. The nearest bus stations are ZUM on Lenina prospect or Stone Bridge on the Roza Luxemburg street.


phone: +7 (3822) 210-333. Whatsapp, SMS  +79969373109

Adress: The first Museum of Slavic mythology

  12, Zagornaya str.,

  634050, Tomsk



Instagram  @slav_museum

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you. See you! 

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